About us Brüggemann­Alcohol

Creating the missing link.
Since 1868.

What sets us apart

The manu­fac­turing and sale of ethanol has been part of our core busi­ness since 1868. We have been deliv­ering the crucial connec­tion for a wide-range of uses for more than 150 years. With Brüg­ge­­man­nAl­­cohol Heil­bronn GmbH, you are always on the safe side! Through continuous analyses as well as tests carried out by a sensor team in our labor­atory, we offer you consist­ently high quality. Thanks to our two produc­tion sites in Heil­bronn and Witten­berg we can offer you reli­able, fast and flex­ible delivery solu­tions at any time. 

Close cooper­a­tion, empathy and flex­ib­ility define us. Quality and quality assur­ance are more than just a promise to us. We are a family-run busi­ness which stands for continuity but also flex­ib­ility, offering not only ethanol but also indi­vidual customer solu­tions.

What do you hope for from your ethanol manu­fac­turer?

“Reli­ab­ility – speed – flex­ib­ility - quality and service, that is what you can expect from us!”

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