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Standard, economic or efficient: Not only 96% for you, but 100%

Ethanol plays an important role in the manu­fac­turing of cleaning mater­ials and frost protec­tion for wind­screens, and when used in solvents. Ethanol is also often used for cooling during product processing, or to clean produc­tion equip­ment. As a manu­fac­turer of ethanol Brüggemann­Alcohol is also committed to produ­cing consist­ently high-quality ethanol in the area of synthetics. Partic­u­larly for chem­ical synthetics, consistent product qual­ities play a decisive role in the process. 

With our two produc­tion sites in Heil­bronn and Witten­berg, we can also ensure quick, flex­ible deliv­eries and offer you highly reli­able deliv­eries!

A selec­tion of our chem­ical/tech­nical ethanol:Container sizes
Ethanol 96% EP or tech­nicalEthanol 100% EP/synthetic or tech­nical
  • 30l can
  • 200l drum
  • 1.000l IBC
  • Bulk in tank truck
  • Bulk in tank wagon
dena­tured with 1l MEK*dena­tured with 1l MEK*
dena­tured with 1l MEK, 1l IPA, 1g Bitrex (Eurodenat.)*dena­tured with 1l MEK, 1l IPA, 1g Bitrex (Eurodenat.) *
dena­tured with 2l Cyclo­hexandena­tured with 2l Cyclo­hexan
dena­tured with 1l Petro­letherdena­tured with 1l Petro­lether
dena­tured with 2l Toluoldena­tured with 2l Toluol

*avail­able from just 20 litres (4 x 5 l).


If you wish to receive assist­ance in your choice or further inform­a­tion, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to receiving your request.

We also offer our ethanol range NQ as an altern­ative: Products from the range are designed for those looking for partic­u­larly price-sens­itive, less demanding applic­a­tions. 

Over­view of our ethanol NQ range
Ethanol NQ 96% Ethanol NQ water-free
undena­tured undena­tured
dena­tured with 1l MEK dena­tured with 1l MEK
dena­tured witht 1l MEK, 1l IPA, 1g Bitrex (Eurodenat.) dena­tured with 1l MEK, 1l IPA, 1g Bitrex (Eurodenat.)

Do you have any ques­tions about our ethanol NQ or do you need special denat­ur­a­tion? Get in touch with us!

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