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Along­side the tradi­tional manu­fac­turing and marketing of ethanol, we offer our customers a wide range of services from the return of ethanol, through the renting of storage tanks for ethanol, to contract manu­fac­turing.

Customs advice

We are happy to share our expertise in customs matters with our customers at any time. Our primary know­ledge areas in customs include advice about alcohol duties and the various methods of hand­ling them. For example:

  • Advice about how to deal with tax ware­houses and the EMCS process linked to them
  • Advice about the author­isa­tion forms for users and the accom­pa­nying admin­is­trative docu­ments (BVD - Begleitendes Verwal­tungs­dok­u­ment)
  • Advice about exporting ethanol
  • Tax-free purchasing of ethanol
  • Tax-reduc­tion possib­il­ities

Do you need customs advice? We can help you - please contact alco­hol@bruegge­ or use our contact form.

Recyc­ling – Return of ethanol

Some of our customers use our ethanol in their produc­tion processes, e.g. as a coolant or to produce plant extracts. We will take back any residual ethanol at the end of the produc­tion chain, recycle it and process it in a different produc­tion unit and separate tanks.

Do you use ethanol in your produc­tion processes and are inter­ested in returning this ethanol back to us? Contact us! Your personal contact is Timo Friedrich: +49 7131/1575 801 or timo.friedrich@bruegge­ or use our contact form.

Storage services

You can also rent our ethanol storage tanks. We will analyse the product once it is stored, generate all of the neces­sary paper­work for you and take care of customs clear­ances. You can also easily report product with­drawals from your tank. Simply let us know and we will natur­ally generate the neces­sary paper­work.

Do you want to make use of storage facil­ities? Then get in touch with your personal contact Angelika Meisinger by phone +49 7131/1575 822 or mail angelika.renner­ (at) bruegge­ or use our contact form.

Contract manu­fac­turing

We also offer our customers the possib­ility to have raw alcohol supplied by them or us manu­fac­tured into a customer-specific batch of ethanol before putting it into the relevant containers.

Are you inter­ested in contract manu­fac­turing? Then get in touch with your personal contact Timo Friedrich by phone +49 7131/1575 801 or mail timo.friedrich@bruegge­ or use our contact form.


Quality & Certi­fic­ates

Quality & Certi­fic­ates

We want to not only assure the quality of our products, processes, and services at all times, but also to continu­ally develop this quality further – and this is important to us. Our manage­­ment systems are certi­fied in accord­ance with DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001. All certi­fic­ates are avail­able for down­load if you press "Show more".

You can find the company’s certi­fic­ates for the following segments: Redu­cing Agents, Zinc Deriv­at­ives and Polymer Addit­ives at the website of L. Brügge­mann GmbH & Co. KG.