The average time that employees stay at Brügge­mann is 13.9 years. This is a number that we are proud of. More than anything else, it shows our commit­ment. As a family busi­ness, we know how important continuity and long-term commit­ment to our own values and convic­tions are. So reli­ab­ility and fair­ness shape the rela­tion­ship, not only with our employees but also with our part­ners and customers. Our integ­rated manage­ment system makes the internal organ­iz­a­tion rigor­ously process-oriented and results-oriented, and it makes work­flows trans­parent. It simpli­fies system docu­ment­a­tion and also enables us as a medium-sized company to even better fulfill the known and future demands of the market and of our stake­holders. Natur­ally, we also take on respons­ib­ility in terms of our industry. Brügge­mann actively parti­cip­ates in the Respons­ible Care Program of the German Chem­ical Industry Asso­ci­ation (VCI).

The company's manage­ment systems are certi­fied in accord­ance with the stand­ards DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, 50001, and OHSAS 18001. Moreover, we have also had our activ­ities eval­u­ated by EcoVadis in the areas of the envir­on­ment, work condi­tions, fair busi­ness prac­tices, and sustain­able procure­ment, as part of a sustain­ab­ility assess­ment based on inter­na­tional CSR stand­ards. 

Respons­ib­ility in terms of sustain­ab­ility, trans­par­ency and maximum safety are important for our products as well. For this reason both loca­tions of Brügge­mann Alcohol -Heil­bronn und Luth­er­stadt Witten­berg- are kosher certi­fied. In addi­tion, the site in Heil­bronn is GMP certi­fied and certi­fied according to EU organic council regu­la­tion 852:2004.

We do a lot for good team­work within the company and we gladly give some­thing back to our employees for their good perform­ance: volun­tary social bene­fits and a varied sports and fitness program, for example.

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Envir­on­mental protec­tion

Because gaseous emis­sions, wastewater, and refuse can never be fully avoided in the produc­tion of chem­ical products, we invest in meas­ures to keep redu­cing envir­on­mental impacts.

An example of this is the continuous modern­iz­a­tion and devel­op­ment of our eco-friendly produc­tion processes. Our quality manage­ment and envir­on­mental manage­ment systems are certi­fied by the DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 stand­ards. Envir­on­mental protec­tion is firmly anchored in our company policy. We pledge to protect the envir­on­ment and to conserve natural resources. There­fore the prin­ciple “Respons­ib­ility for the Future” (Sustain­able Devel­op­ment) is a steady component of our thought and action. To do this we continu­ously add to our know­ledge of possible risks, the envir­on­mental sustain­ab­ility of our products, and the energy use of our processes. The know­ledge we obtain forms the basis for determ­ining meas­ures for safety, envir­on­mental protec­tion, and energy effi­ciency.


Continu­ously increasing our energy effi­ciency is a declared corporate objective, and it is solidly integ­rated in the enter­prise organ­iz­a­tion through a certi­fied energy-manage­ment system for our produc­tion sites at Heil­bronn and Luth­er­stadt Witten­berg.

To this end, we system­at­ic­ally identify poten­tial energy savings and estab­lish a basis for energy-related invest­ment decisions. We do not keep the exper­i­ence we have gained to ourselves. Together with other well-known companies in the region, as members of the >> Heil­bronn Franconia Energy Effi­ciency Table we are committed to resource-conserving and envir­on­ment­ally-friendly produc­tion of quality products.

REACH Regu­la­tion

Under REACH \[VO (EG) 1907/2006], the companies of the Brügge­mannGroup (desig­nated here as BRÜGGE­MANN) take on the roles of manu­fac­turer, importer, and also the role of down­stream user. The product port­folio has not changed, even after the 2018 regis­tra­tion period, due to the effects of the REACH regu­la­tion.

Further Inform­a­tion

Quality & Certi­fic­ates

We want to not only assure the quality of our products, processes, and services at all times, but also to continu­ally develop this quality further – and this is important to us. Our manage­­ment systems are certi­fied in accord­ance with DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001. All certi­fic­ates are avail­able for down­load if you press "Show more".

You can find the company’s certi­fic­ates for the following segments: Redu­cing Agents, Zinc Deriv­at­ives and Polymer Addit­ives at the website of L. Brügge­mann GmbH & Co. KG.

Proper Conduct in the Event of a Hazardous Incident: Inform­a­­tion for our Neigh­bors in Accord­ance with Section 8a of the German Hazardous Incident Ordin­ance

Our company is subject to the oblig­a­­tions set forth in the 12th Federal Emis­­sion Control Ordin­ance, which is called the Hazardous Incident Ordin­ance. This is because of the quant­ities of relevant substances that can be present at our company. Such substances are considered relevant if their release in the event of an oper­­a­­tional disrup­­tion could pose a hazard to human beings or the envir­on­­ment.

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