Reliable. Fast. Flexible. 

With Brüg­ge­­man­nAl­­cohol Heil­bronn GmbH, you are always on the safe side! The manu­fac­turing and sale of ethanol has been part of our core busi­ness since 1868. Thanks to our two produc­tion sites in Heil­bronn and Witten­berg, we can offer you fast, flex­ible delivery solu­tions at any time. 

Creating the missing link.

Do you want to imple­ment your resol­u­tions for 2019 success­fully?

We are your partner! Go your own way and set new trends with our specialty beverage alco­hols. You can try our choice of special­ties with our sample box non-binding. We support you in imple­menting your resol­u­tions in the longterm! 


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