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With Brüg­ge­­man­nAl­­cohol Heil­bronn GmbH, you are always on the safe side! The manu­fac­turing and sale of ethanol has been part of our core busi­ness since 1868. Thanks to our two produc­tion sites in Heil­bronn and Witten­berg, we can offer you fast, flex­ible delivery solu­tions at any time. 

Creating the missing link.

Bruegge­man­nAl­cohol was able to set a mile­stone in August 2021: the first barge loading for one of our customers

The barge "Synthesis-11" delivered a total of 1,340,000 liters of raw material to our plant in Heilbronn. Then the same ship was loaded with our high-purity ethanol. Unloading took a total of four and loading six hours. 
Sustainability is an important aspect for us! 
With this ship transport, 46 tanker loads were replaced incoming and outgoing goods, respectively. This means a reduction in CO2 compared to conventional road transport. After the successful completion, we look forward to carrying out many more climate-efficient transports. Contact us!  


With our various ethanol qual­ities, we are able to find indi­vidual solu­tions for our customers. Visit our industry pages and find the right quality for your area of applic­a­tion. 

You will find addi­tional products on the Brügge­mann main page.

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