Reliable. Fast. Flexible. 

With Brüg­ge­­man­nAl­­cohol Heil­bronn GmbH, you are always on the safe side! The manu­fac­turing and sale of ethanol has been part of our core busi­ness since 1868. Thanks to our two produc­tion sites in Heil­bronn and Witten­berg, we can offer you fast, flex­ible delivery solu­tions at any time. 

Creating the missing link.

We will be rechar­ging our batteries in order to continue to bring full perform­ance to you! From 23rd till 25th March 2019 a company-wide power cutoff takes place in our company. You are very welcome to write us an email which we will answer as soon as possible on 26th March 2019. We will be avail­able by phone on +49 (0) 173 5484 280!


You will find addi­tional products on the Brügge­mann main page.

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