Louis B. - Barrel Aged Rye Korn - The first spirit from Brügge­mann.

Strength 43 vol.%, matured over 36 months, contains 150 years of exper­i­ence.

More than 150 years ago, our company's founder, Louis Brügge­mann dedic­ated himself to distilling alcohol. He recog­nized the oppor­tunity to process sugar beet residues into ethanol and thereupon founded his distil­lery in Heil­bronn. The company has been passed on to the successor gener­a­tions with a lot of exper­i­ence. Today, Brüggemann­Alcohol is a leading beverage alcohol producer. Beverage alcohol is a partic­u­larly taste­less alcohol which is, with a volume concen­tra­tion of 96 vol.%, the optimal starting point for our customers.

After a sensory review of our Witten­berg Ryefine (beverage alcohol made from single-origin whole grain rye), we came up with the idea "Why not create our own German Korn?". We wanted to create some­thing for ourselves and our friends that would reflect our unique char­ac­ter­istics. It should be strong, confident, regional but also tradi­tional and dynamic.

A simple, clear grain Korn was out of the ques­tion. We were in the mood for some­thing special. A few conver­sa­tions and various storage exper­i­ments later, the idea became more concrete. It should be excel­lent ex-bourbon casks made from Amer­ican white oak.

German Korn is exper­i­en­cing a revival. Crafted Korn matured in barrels is a hot topic among experts.

Thought? Done! After 3 years of storage, the time has come. Our pride and joy, a barrel-aged rye grain with a golden amber colour and matured barrique bouquet. A taste exper­i­ence and a limited edition. Adjusted to 43 vol.% to optim­ally bring out the powerful, complex char­acter and the pleasant aromas.

You can enjoy the taste too! Our Louis B. is now avail­able in our product finder.

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