Noble Noses.

50 million liters of ethanol Brügge­mann puri­fies per year at the recti­fic­a­tion plants in Heil­bronn and Witten­berg and prepares it for further processing following certi­fied quality stand­ards. The noble noses of the Sensorics Team are an indis­pens­able component within the produc­tion process. 

Aromatic, balanced or fishy? The latter should not be the result when Karin Lamminger and her colleagues of the Sensorics Team sniff a sample glass with ethanol from the recti­fic­a­tion plant. Instead, the alcohol must be analyt­ic­ally pure and as neutral as possible and “it almost always is,” says Michael Jordan, Produc­tion Master of the alcohol factory, reas­sur­ingly, who would other­wise have to pull the hand­brake imme­di­ately. 

Sensor tech­no­logy is a proven method of quality assur­ance in alcohol processing and manu­fac­turing companies. Eval­u­ation requires exper­i­ence and an odor­less envir­on­ment. Sensorics at Brügge­mann has its own room in which three sample glasses are waiting daily: One contains the standard, in the other, samples from the current produc­tion are waiting. 75 is the highest rating given by the Sensorics team and is mostly assigned to the standard. It has an alcohol content of up to 96.4% Vol. 

Karin Lamminger has memor­ized the smell of the standard and can clas­sify the other samples accord­ingly. Odor memory and sens­it­ivity tests help to train the olfactory organ. Karin Lamminger knows that even if she has a bad day, machines cannot replace the human nose.

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