Challenge Accepted.

What a year! How would the world describe the last 12 months briefly? Chal­lenge Corona! And how would Brüggemann­Alcohol react?! – Of course: Chal­lenge accepted!

Driven by team spirit, real­ized through flex­ib­ility and always having the goal of “Customer atis­fac­tion" in mind – Brüggemann­Alcohol presented itself as a system-relevant busi­ness in 2020. Alcohol, main component of disin­fectant, turned out as a glob­ally much needed attribute for safety and protec­tion.

Although the lock­down made plan­ning possible in the short term only, we succeeded in reacting to the constantly chan­ging customer needs. Closing national borders did not prevent from securing the supply of raw mater­ials. Within twelve months we delivered the base for 20 million litres of disin­fectant containing 70 vol.% alcohol strength. We gave everything and have been confirmed by satis­fied customers and positive busi­ness figures: Compared to the previous year we delivered one third more general cargo to our customers and were able to gain around a quarter new customers.

What news about Brüggemann­Alcohol can we tell apart from Corona? Since this year we have been allowed to call ourselves an author­ized exporter. This enables a simpli­fied customs declar­a­tion and accel­er­ates our inter­na­tional orient­a­tion. Moreover, our GMP-status got recer­ti­fied by the regional council Stut­tgart. Further­more, digital marketing plays a major role in our stra­tegic direc­tion: With our new product finder on the Brüggemann­Alcohol homepage, we provide our customers the oppor­tunity to find the most suit­able alcohol for their applic­a­tions. The plat­form is avail­able at any time so that customers can send us their order request 24/7. Besides, we extended our sales team by three new young colleagues.

In 2020 we grew with the chal­lenges of the year! We would like to thank our team for their solid­arity and coping with the past months. We would also like to thank our customers and part­ners for placing trust in us – even in turbu­lent and uncer­tain times.

We wish all of our employees, our suppliers and our customers a well-deserved, relaxing and reflective Christmas season as well as the best start possible into the year 2021! …oh, and if there is some­body asking how we would approach the upcoming 12 months, our answer defin­itely is: “Chal­lenge Accepted!”

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